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Top 5 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Success With Any Woman


Although it’s  late Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all are entering the new year in good spirits. I want to go ahead and start 2015 off on the right foot and what better way than to give you guys some highly guarded tips on how to improve your relations with any woman. Whether you are 15 or 51, you can apply these methods immediately and even get results the same day. Keep in mind these are the things dating coaches charge you up to $3,000 to learn and no I’m not kidding. So put your wallets away because The Nice Guy has got you covered.

Become High Maintenance

This one seems pretty easy but it’s pretty difficult. It’s important to keep your body in tip top shape. Looking and feeling good is naturally attractive to all women so keep yourself clean, fit, and dressed relatively well. If you have clothes that don’t compliment your frame you should throw them away, if you aren’t confident about your body then exercise, and it doesn’t stop there. Start viewing yourself under a microscope, keep track of anything you don’t like and make a real effort to correct them.

Draw A Line In The Sand

Setting boundaries is important in all aspects of life, but it’s extremely important when dealing with women who are currently or want to be in your life. This is because women love to test a man’s resolve and see just how much of a pushover he really is. Confront her when she crosses a line and be clear about your expectations in the future. Doing this commands respect and will put the woman in a more passive or submissive position when she interacts with you.

There Can Be More Than One

Women know they have you wrapped around their finger when you treat them like they are the last living female in existence. 99.9% of men are horribly guilty of this and for some odd reason continue to behave in this manner. Good looking women are a dime a dozen, if you pass one on the street a few minutes later you will see another. Subtle ways to let a woman in your life know she’s not all that is by checking out other women, chatting, flirting, making comments. Now you may have heard that women hate it when men they know check out other women and it’s true. That’s because their attention is being given to someone else. Use that to your advantage.

Be Decisive All The Time

A man should always know what he wants to do in any given situation. Now a days you have what I like to call the “Shruggers”, you know. The kind of guy that gets asked a question and their reply is a shoulder shrug and a “I don’t know”, I don’t care” or “It’s up to you”. It’s an extremely bad habit that most men have adopted over the last few decades and it not only kills a woman’s natural attraction to you but it’s a strong sign that you lack self confidence in your actions. I’m actually willing to bet that if you are an indecisive male you have your fair share of controlling and overbearing women in your life. Ring a bell?

Learn To Say No

With all the feminist upbringing I know for a fact all men reading this have the damnedest time saying no to women when it comes to anything. Let me tell you the biggest secret in the world right now. Saying “No” to a woman drives them crazy. Why? Simply because they are not used to being turned away by males. Learning to say no gives you all the power in the world when it comes to any woman in your life be in your girlfriend, friend, sex buddy, even your own mother. This is by far the hardest tip to learn and will take some serious time to learn. To help you learn this faster I recommend reading No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert A Glover. I guarantee while you are reading it you will feel as if the author made this book specifically for you.

I have no doubts that doing the things listed above will immediately increase your success with women in general. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man that can’t be manipulated, is well kept and isn’t afraid to walk away from a pretty face. The man that isn’t swayed by the influences of women is the man that can have any woman he chooses. I like that because it’s so true. Until next time guys.

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Nice Guys: Are You A Loser?

Hello everyone and welcome to November! I know it’s the last day of the month, but  give me a bit of a break here. I’ve been dealing with category 5 hurricanes, Thanks Giving with family, and life in general. Speaking of life in general I wanted to go ahead and discuss a very important topic. That topic is that question all of us ask our selves at some point in time.

“Am I a loser?

I’ve been reading the stories (way too many of them) and it makes me feel terrible that so many people are struggling with this question. Normally I have on that really sticks out in my mind but there are literally a handful that just make me wonder where these people are going to end up. Just know that if you feel like you are a loser this post is dedicated to you and your struggle and I hope it helps you in some kind of way.

Answering The Question

It’s never an easy question to answer, in fact it’s down right impossible because there is a part of you that is beyond bias and hates your guts. You see these kinds of questions pop up in one of two scenarios, bullying or self loathing. Neither of which are better than the other as they both lead to depression, isolation, apathy, and even suicide. The scenarios are tough to get through, and even tougher to identify and take action against. Are you being bullied or do you just hate yourself that much? Can it possibly be both?


Bullying has evolved over the past century from simple teasing at the play ground between children to indirect comments between adults. While children can be cruel, I’m afraid adults can be a bit more callous and cold especially in the kind of world we live in today. It’s not all rainbows and cupcakes out here. As an adult, boy friend, husband, etc so much is expected of us that when we don’t deliver we are deemed useless. The stigma of being a “nice guy” or “the 30 year old in their parent’s basement” all of these things can drive a person in these categories insane.

I think what people fail to realize is that we aren’t all given the same chances, even if we want to believe that it’s true. If you feel that everyone one has the same chance to be something go to a third world country and tell that starving kid to grow his or her own food,  go tell that homeless man on the street to get a job even though he is missing a leg, tell that guy in his parent’s basement to be somebody when he is trying is damnedest not to live a mediocre life.

It’s easy to tell others where their faults are, and what they should do. Until you step foot into their shoes. You can’t tell someone that is suffering that they will be fine until you go through that same pain. If you are one of those people that often make those comments, you should think about what you are saying and who you are effecting by saying it.

Self Loathing:

At some time or another I am sure we have all been hard on ourselves because of something. For some people it’s a bit more extreme then a simple internal berating. I personally still struggle with it because I am one of those guys that can’t stand to lose or get the short end of the stick. I used to always get down on myself about how I should of been faster, stronger, smarter, what ever. For a time I used to think that method pushed people to improve but in reality it can do just the opposite.

When you are always on the losing end and you get angry at yourself. You are more likely to flat out quit or develop a apathetic outlook on whatever new projects you undertake. This goes for relationships as well. Men and women alike who where always on the receiving end of a bad break up usually if not always have a very poor outlook on the next relationship and don’t put in what they should so they don’t get hurt. It’s a difficult thing to fix, but the first step always start with forgiving yourself in some way.

I feel this post was kind of all over the place (all the stories I read I wanted to address), but I was able to get out what I wanted to. To answer your questions about whether or not you are a loser, my answer is definitely not. Do your best to change what you don’t like, even if it feels hopeless. Take time away if you need to refresh your battery and get back to it. Never quit.


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Nice Guys: Can Men & Women Be Friends?


Hello and welcome to another exciting post. It’s been a few weeks and as many of you that have been keeping up know posts have been a little sporadic due to me working on my home business. Now while that may be my main focus you all know my passions about relationships burns deep. Today I wanted to answer a question asked by young reader in regards to an issue he has with a female “friend”.

Joshua asks:

“I am really great friends with a classmate of mine, and I have started falling in love with her and I am wondering if I should tell her?”

Alright, I want to go ahead and get one thing out of the way immediately. You started falling in love from the moment you first met. I am a guy, I can see through that “I started falling in love.” crap. When it comes to us guys we are either attracted or not. Never will you meet a woman, have no attraction to them and then develop one. Women on the other hand are different. They can actually meet you with no attraction and then develop one later on.

Allow me to break it down for the guys. You meet a woman, you have an attraction, if she isn’t reciprocating then you settle for friendship in hopes of getting something later. This is the case for every single woman you are “friends” with. A woman isn’t a machine where you put kindness coins into until sex falls out! I hate to be black and white, but ask yourself this question.

If your female friend came to you and offered sex would you accept?

Unless you play for the other team (nothing wrong with that by the way) you will accept the offer without question. Men can often be delusional when it comes to having female friends. Do not kid yourself. Female friends are not possible unless you are homosexual, castrated, or have no pulse. If a woman calls you a friend you give her the face. What face? This face

Now when it comes to approaching a women with whom you are attracted, you want to make sure there is some irrefutable proof that there is an interest between you two. I personally like to use what I like to call the “Door” method because it works 100% of the time without seeming like a horn dog.

What the hell is the door method?

Think of the door method as a magic 8 ball. You ask a question and the ball says yes, no, or maybe. It’s just like that except we are removing the maybe part.The door method can be used physically and mentally.


When you run into your “friend” and they hug you. Examine the way they hug you, for example someone that has absolutely no interest in you will do the “ironing board”. They will bend at the waste keeping their pelvis far from yours, while someone that has some sentiment of attraction to you will have no problem standing closer and hugging for longer periods.

Also keep in mind if this person keeps touching you on the knees, arms, and shoulder. Most women have a habit of constantly touching guys they are attracted to. The more attracted the more touching.


This is usually the easiest way to tell if a woman is attracted to you with the least bit of resistances. When engaged in a conversation bring up something that you have an interest in doing (Not Her…) in the near future. Women who have an attraction to you will often reply with an open ended remark so that they can be invited to that thing you are doing.

For example:

You: Man! Have you heard about [Insert New Movie Coming Out Here] next week? I can’t wait to see it!

Her: Oh me too. I really want to see it.

See? She is leaving the door open for an invention from you. If she had no interest in you, chances are she would of told you something negative or generic. Something like “Oh” or “that’s cool”. It’s important to listen to what she says because guys can be a little delusional when it comes to a woman being interested. Just because you carried her bag to class doesn’t mean she wants you in the worst way.

There you have it a simple way to tell if that woman you are chasing secretly want you to pummel her in a fun way without the risk of having your guts ripped out in front of the world…Your welcome.

What do I do if she doesn’t like me?

So you found out she doesn’t like you but you are still stuck on her and you need to make her yours. The best thing you can do is simply stay off her radar for a few weeks or even months. That means no contact, no checking up on her, no nothing. You want to do this for a few reasons.

Firstly you want to let her know you have better things to do. Women actually like guys with their own life. I know I know I’m shocked as well…

Secondly you want to kind of get off her radar. She will want to know what been going on with you after a long hiatus. This gives you the opportunity to kind of reintroduce yourself to her. It’s especially effective if you have gotten in shape or changed your look.

If reintroduction doesn’t work then it’s best to cut your losses and move onward to better and brighter things. What I really want you guys to get though is that you don’t have female friend, only acquaintances! Women do have male friends, but it’s only because they think differently. Good luck out there fellas.

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Nice Guys: True Love Fact or Myth?


I knew this post was going to come one day, actually it was pretty much a guarantee when I decided to put this blog together. Yesterday I came across a few different questions when it came to true love. Some asked if others actively seek true love, others asked if it’s just a fairy tale, and the rest asked if they will ever find it.

While I have my own personal views on love and true love. I won’t pretend that I haven’t had my run ins with this elusive thing. What I hope to accomplish with this post is simply enlightenment for all of you who happen across this post. This post is for the pessimist, the optimist, the cynics, and the skeptics.

What Is True Love?

True love has been defined in many different forms both negatively and positively. For some it’s been defined as the greatest gift  God has ever given the human race. For others it’s been known as one of the worst things you can experience in your life time. So which is it? Good or Bad? Truth is it can be both but never at the same time. Confused? Get yourself a drink and a snack it’s story time.

“You can only know you truly love someone when your love takes you far beyond yourself.” – Jenina Venerayan

Let me kill the so called myth by saying true love does actually exist and it is unquestionably the hardest thing I have ever had to describe. The feeling is nothing short of pure rapture.  I have never actually been high before but I imagine that what I felt was about a million times better than any feeling  synthetic drugs can create.

It’s effects on you are nothing short of life changing. Things that seemed impossible are now easily attainable, things that you hated, people you couldn’t stand no longer plague your mind. Bad news you receive seems trivial at best and worse news is tolerable. I even will go as so far to say to feel true love removes all of your inhibitors both mental and physical. It’s perfection.

A few years ago, a friend of mine had fallen in love with a man she and I worked with. Mind you I’ve known this women for the better half of 3 years, she was a hardcore pessimist. Even if things where going her way, she expected the worst to happen at all times. Once true love entered her veins everything about her changed. She became a super version of the women I used to know, her pessimism had vanished, she was upbeat, her appearance was unearthly literally. The woman practically glowed. It was an amazing sight to behold.

This was no different when it happened to myself. I was a big skeptic, I didn’t believe until I saw (I’m a New Yorker what can I say) and when I felt it. Things changed in me in an instant. Goals where being accomplished, my health improved, life was incredible. No other woman existed for me and no other man existed for my friend.

Unfortunately Everything Has A Dark Side…

As wonderful a feeling true love can and should always be. It can be one of the most painful experiences as well. The feeling is a bit more explainable, but still escapes a real definition.

“True love is like a teardrop in a rainstorm; you’re lucky enough to find it once, but you will never find it again.” -William Louie

Again the effects are life changing, just not in a very positive way. Some times I see others going through small and petty break ups and I can’t help but think what will happen to them when and if they find something they truly won’t be able to live without.

When true love isn’t in tune or reciprocated that incomplete feeling you get is pretty maddening. In fact it will drive you slightly insane and there really isn’t much you can do about it. It’s the reason people say “Love makes you do crazy things.”

Remember that friend of mine earlier that was practically glowing when the true love bug bit? Regretfully the feelings weren’t mutual and that is when things really fell apart for her. Her old ways where back but they seemed to be magnified beyond belief and she also adopted a very apathetic persona mainly to cope with her loss but I could tell it wasn’t working.

I was no different, except I didn’t kid myself when it came to how I felt. While I was apathetic to everything I never lied to myself by saying I no longer cared about who I am in love it. For her it was a very big denial thing while for me it was just a long period of mourning. What we both soon realized was that there was never any real coping to our loss but more of an eventual numbness that finally took hold years after.

While I can’t speak on her behalf I can tell you personally that there won’t be another experience like this one again. In my experience there are just some things you can’t replicate and that feeling of true love is on the top of the list.

In The End.

True love does indeed exist and I can’t really say many people actively seek it per say. It finds you. Usually at the most in opportune time of your life, and if you aren’t careful it can be excruciatingly painful. While I can’t tell you how to really guard yourself from it, I can only tell you what to expect.

It’s a feeling that has a wide array of outcomes. Some have killed in it’s name, others have even died due to lack of it(Yes you can die due to a broken heart), but very few are able to keep it in their lives. If you do happen to attain it at some point, make sure you do everything you can to keep it.

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Nice Guys: The Dark Side Of Relationships


For the past couple of days since my last post I have been reading through literally hundreds of questions asking “Why can’t I get a girlfriend/boyfriend”. While I know some of the reading base is 25yrs and older but the majority is younger. These questions have really inspired me to share the darker aspects of a relationship. This post isn’t designed to dash your hopes and dreams of finding a fulfilling relationship(It is possible) but to bring you back down to earth on your expectations. I would like to further state that I think relationships (that actually work) are one of life’s real joys. Nothing really beats having a partner that is genuinely there for your total enjoyment and vice versa.

It Poisons The Mind

Relationships can really bring havoc and turmoil to a person’s mind. When a relationship ends, pain is usually associated with it. As a human being, your brain keeps those painful memories so that you don’t make the same mistake again. So with each new relationship you bring a bigger err of caution, apathy, coolness. You become desensitized to your feelings and others as well.

Unfortunately there is no “true” remedy for this because no method of coping with a break up is actually healthy. Those that jump from relationship to relationship end up hurting others and themselves, while those that take time to themselves build up emotional barriers designed specifically to keep people at a distance. It’s a lose/lose situation on all fronts.

Regrets Are Forever

Regret is an ugly stain on your mind. It’s often something that you will live with the rest of your life and nothing screams regret more than that relationship you wish you did not have. Contrary to popular belief anyone who says “They regret nothing” are a bunch of liars. How do I know? Because everyone has that closet where they hide their deepest darkest secrets. Secrets are built on pleasure, pain, rejoice, and regret. If you have a secret than you have a regret.

It Can End At Any Time

It could last a few week or it could last a few years, but the point is they won’t last forever. I’ve often heard the saying “Live for today” when it comes to relationships. However the point of a relationship is to have someone that has been, is, and will be there for you. To live only for today is to care less about your future. So applying that saying to your relationship means your relationship has no future as well.

It’s Not Love

I know I am probably going to get a lot of slack for this, but bring it on. I don’t believe in people “falling out of love”. In fact I think it’s a crock of shit people say when they don’t take the time to really ascertain their feelings toward someone. You have to think about your true feelings, then on top of that wonder about the other persons, it’s not exactly my idea of a fun time.

Now Serving #365?

Ever wonder just what number in the pecking order you are? Ever think about how many people the object of your affection has pleasured? It’s actually pretty scary when you think about it because most are so ashamed that they will lie about it. Some people say “It’s not important” but the fact is no one wants to be with someone who has been around the block so many times that it would make your head spin.

No One Is Immune

Cheating is fairly common today, and it can happen in so many ways. Sometimes it’s subtle other times it’s pretty blatant but the point is you will always have to worry about it. You see everyone has a limit to all things and cheating is one of them. If you have a high threshold it just means you are able to move yourself away from the temptation long for those urges to pass. Those that don’t…well you know what happens. The real question is if the person you are hooking up with has a decent limit. Most don’t.

In the end you really have to ask yourself if a meaningful relationship is really what you and the other person are after. In addition even though you may want one it doesn’t mean the object of your affection wants to. If it seems like they don’t try not to force a relationship in the hopes that they will magically change their minds. If you are single enjoy the lack of stress and the freedom.

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Nice Guys: Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

Continuing from yesterday’s friend zone session I have decided not to leave you guys hanging by thinking you are trapped there forever. Today I will be giving you guaranteed methods for getting you out of the zone. I must warn you though, this is going to take a lot of effort, discipline, and guts.

Teach Me Master…

 We got ourselves in this mess because of her perception of us.  We did things that branded us friend material, and although being friends is nice (I guess?) it’s not what we want. Here is a list of our first steps of our long hard road out of hell.

  1. Take Your Ball & Go Home: This isn’t an after school special or some kind of a play date. If you want her to see you as someone she can see herself with stop making yourself so available. This means stop calling, stop texting, stop treating her out, stop listening to her issues, and definitely stop being the guy who wipes the tears from her face. You need to remain off her radar for at least a month. No need to be a jerk or blow her off, just give her the “I’m busy” line(I’m sure you have heard it plenty of times too).
  2. Focus On Yourself: Having your own life is attractive to everyone. Start doing things that interest you, because if you are like most people. Chances are chasing this person around has left you in an unhappy state of mind. Start having fun again, work on life goals, get in shape. You are starting to get what I am saying here right?
  3. See Other Women: Before you even think it. Listen… I am not saying you need to be attracted to these other women what so ever. Just hang out with other girls and enjoy your time. This does a few things for you. It helps you understand that women are human just like you and me and thus become less intimidating, easier to talk to, and easier to walk away from.
  4. Reconnect: After a month or so she what she’s up to. Talk to her about things you’ve been doing and with who. Mentioning a female’s name or two or three usually advocates a little jealousy. Remember little to no contact for at least a month before reconnection.
  5. Make Flexible Plans: Invite her out, but make sure your plans are possible to do WITHOUT her. If she says no why have your night ruined in the process? A good example of this is to have a couple of friend and yourself head out to a movie, bowling, whatever. The key factor is whether or not she comes along the night is still going to happen and it will be HER loss if she declines.

It looks easy on paper, but trust me it’s a lot harder to implement depending on how much you want this. A lot of guys feel if they cut their time short, that the other person will “move on”. Let me tell you something, the more of a friend you are the easier it is for them to move on.

Best to just go ahead and start the transformation now, before you end up sitting on a couch eating a bowl of ice cream wondering why on earth you did so many stupid things that put you in the friend zone in the first place.

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