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Top 5 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Success With Any Woman


Although it’s  late Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all are entering the new year in good spirits. I want to go ahead and start 2015 off on the right foot and what better way than to give you guys some highly guarded tips on how to improve your relations with any woman. Whether you are 15 or 51, you can apply these methods immediately and even get results the same day. Keep in mind these are the things dating coaches charge you up to $3,000 to learn and no I’m not kidding. So put your wallets away because The Nice Guy has got you covered.

Become High Maintenance

This one seems pretty easy but it’s pretty difficult. It’s important to keep your body in tip top shape. Looking and feeling good is naturally attractive to all women so keep yourself clean, fit, and dressed relatively well. If you have clothes that don’t compliment your frame you should throw them away, if you aren’t confident about your body then exercise, and it doesn’t stop there. Start viewing yourself under a microscope, keep track of anything you don’t like and make a real effort to correct them.

Draw A Line In The Sand

Setting boundaries is important in all aspects of life, but it’s extremely important when dealing with women who are currently or want to be in your life. This is because women love to test a man’s resolve and see just how much of a pushover he really is. Confront her when she crosses a line and be clear about your expectations in the future. Doing this commands respect and will put the woman in a more passive or submissive position when she interacts with you.

There Can Be More Than One

Women know they have you wrapped around their finger when you treat them like they are the last living female in existence. 99.9% of men are horribly guilty of this and for some odd reason continue to behave in this manner. Good looking women are a dime a dozen, if you pass one on the street a few minutes later you will see another. Subtle ways to let a woman in your life know she’s not all that is by checking out other women, chatting, flirting, making comments. Now you may have heard that women hate it when men they know check out other women and it’s true. That’s because their attention is being given to someone else. Use that to your advantage.

Be Decisive All The Time

A man should always know what he wants to do in any given situation. Now a days you have what I like to call the “Shruggers”, you know. The kind of guy that gets asked a question and their reply is a shoulder shrug and a “I don’t know”, I don’t care” or “It’s up to you”. It’s an extremely bad habit that most men have adopted over the last few decades and it not only kills a woman’s natural attraction to you but it’s a strong sign that you lack self confidence in your actions. I’m actually willing to bet that if you are an indecisive male you have your fair share of controlling and overbearing women in your life. Ring a bell?

Learn To Say No

With all the feminist upbringing I know for a fact all men reading this have the damnedest time saying no to women when it comes to anything. Let me tell you the biggest secret in the world right now. Saying “No” to a woman drives them crazy. Why? Simply because they are not used to being turned away by males. Learning to say no gives you all the power in the world when it comes to any woman in your life be in your girlfriend, friend, sex buddy, even your own mother. This is by far the hardest tip to learn and will take some serious time to learn. To help you learn this faster I recommend reading No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert A Glover. I guarantee while you are reading it you will feel as if the author made this book specifically for you.

I have no doubts that doing the things listed above will immediately increase your success with women in general. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man that can’t be manipulated, is well kept and isn’t afraid to walk away from a pretty face. The man that isn’t swayed by the influences of women is the man that can have any woman he chooses. I like that because it’s so true. Until next time guys.

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Nice Guys : The Rape Culture Hype & Your Role In It


Alright nice guys this is a bit of a rant/educational/guide post here. I’m a little pissed off here and I want to go ahead and take the time before I begin my rant to address to my readers that they might see some strong language. Having said that let’s go ahead and get this show on the road.

The History Lesson:

Rape culture isn’t something new and if you’re the type of individual that tends to live your life instead of living in the media world chances are you’ve never heard of it until recently. In short rape culture is a concept that links rape and sexual violence to a culture of society that normalizes, condones , tolerates and excuses rape. This concept has been around since the 1970’s and is often used by feminists to describe the American culture as a whole.

My Problem With This:

In wake of the Isla Vista incident activists decided this would be a great tool in which to teach individuals about the “War on Women” (Yes i put it in quotes because I feel it’s bullshit). This unfortunate incident sparked the #YesAllWomen twitter campaign, a slew of women’s rights articles, etc. Now this was all well and good until I somehow became part of the rape culture problem, oh and you (providing you have a penis) are part of the problem as well! Allow me to explain.

A couple of days ago I came across an article on the Huffington Post titled : A Gentleman’s Guide To Rape Culture and what I read was basically an insult to any self respecting individual with a penis. Now the author explains that all men perpetuates rape culture. How is this possible? Well it’s because you have a penis, that one point alone puts you in the pool with the sick and demented bastards out there that actually pray on people. Screw the fact that you haven’t ever touched anyone let alone a woman in a sexual way without their consent. Hell the fact you have no past history of sexual violence or even a police record still doesn’t excuse you from playing a vital role in rape culture.

The author proceeds to explain that as a man he has the freedom to go anywhere he wants without the worry of being attacked and women feel the opposite. Last time I checked women had the freedom to rape children, claim a man’s assets, and physically assault a man without paying any serious consequences, but I digress. Then he recommends that men use clear body language and act in a way to minimize her fear of being attacked. Yes you need to move and act in a certain way so that any woman you happen to pass doesn’t feel threatened. Oh…my…God. Can I buy whatever drugs this guy is on? This is feminist brainwashing at it’s best but my problem with this doesn’t end here.

Earlier I mentioned the Isla Vista incident and it sparking activist actions like #YesAllWomen and other media. The problem with this is that the foundation of all this action is based on misinformation! Now those attacks took the lives of 4 men, 2 women and the killer as well. Nobody wins in that situation but it’s been turned into some sort of attack against women specifically. I’m not excusing Elliot Rodger’s behavior but the fact is this guy was physically, mentally & emotionally abused by his peers, there is video and documentation proving these facts. However the news and the media focused on his hang ups with women. Anyone else remember the news bringing up the 4 guys that where killed during this whole thing? Yeah me either…

So what happens is activists start speaking about how this is a war against women and that American culture is a rape culture. We went from a violent crime against both genders to a war against women to America being a society that advocates rape. What!? Hell we had Miss USA bring up a brilliant idea of learning self defense to address college rape and she was considered an idiot. Far be it from all these women who are scared shitless of being raped to have the tools to prevent it. How dare she. “Men should just not rape” I shit you not, that is an actual response.

A Real Guide To Rape Culture For Men:

You guys want to know what you should do with all this crap about rape culture? Here are my top recommendations:

  1. Don’t buy into media hype or get involved with social media bullshit. Not only is it riddled with false information it has a habit of brainwashing you into believing that somehow you (as a man) are the problem. If you take an interest in a story on social media look into the facts yourself! I still find it amazing that Elliot Rodger’s rampage is being passed off as War On Women. Get the facts straight people.
  2. Don’t apologize for being a man. You were born with a penis, congratulations! Don’t ever consider it some kind of badge of shame. Yes there are bad men out there but you know what there are diabolical women out here as well.
  3. Don’t Take Responsibility for another person’s hangups. You know everyone is scared of something, it’s part of being human. As a man I can definitely tell you  in the back of my mind I’m afraid of being wrongfully attacked by the police, but it would be stupid of me to tell all cops to approach me with their hands raised. If you are so scared of something to the effect of being socially paralyzed then you need professional help. Take the steps to get over it.
  4. Remember we live in a feminine society. Although equality is the theme any man knows good and well women have the advantage. It’s a sad day when it comes down to men having to video tape themselves being attacked by women so they can avoid going to jail.
  5. Just say no to drugs & a large portion of alcohol. 57% of rapes apparently happen on dates and75% of men & 55% of women were drinking or taking drugs before the attack. Understand what I’m saying? Good. Ease off the booze, LSD, weed, whatever the hell you kids are taking these days. Also It’s OK to say no to women who may throw themselves at you in a drunken or drug filled stupor. I’ve done it more times and I can tell you I don’t regret any of those choices because chances are it probably kept me out of jail.
  6. Violence Against Anyone Is Wrong. Let’s take a moment here and realize violence against any human being is wrong. Men, women, & children are at risk of being attacked in some way. No one is immune! Let’s get rid of the notion that some how women are the only ones that have targets painted on their backs.

Alright people that’s my rant for today until next time be safe, keep your wits about you, and keep your guard up! As always feel free to comment, rate, like, share, & spread the word! This is definitely one of the most important topics for men of all ages to discuss. Thanks for reading.

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Nice Guys : Pedestaling & You

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Hello nice guys(and gals), today I have a bit of a treat post for you. Truth be told this subject has been on my mind since last week and I knew instantly that it was going to be my next post’s topic. Today’s topic is about pedestaling, what it is, why you shouldn’t do it and how it changes you for the worse.

We’ve all placed women on a pedestal at some point in time of our lives, but the average nice guy has a terrible tendency to do this on a regular basis. Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to be polite to the opposite sex but that is where you should probably draw the line. In this post I have a strange story of how a nice guy takes putting women on a pedestal to the extreme. His post is rather long so I will be cutting it up for the sake of length.

Our nice guy’s name is Thomas, he’s been married to his wife for five years but as of late things haven’t been all rainbows and sunshine. Thomas says:

Several months ago, we were at a low point in our marriage. I was always busy with work and didn’t spend enough time with her. She felt that we were becoming distant. Many arguments arose and our love in one another felt like it was dwindling. At this time, I had to go away on a business trip for the weekend. My wife was alone at home, with our problems unresolved, and felt empty. She sought to ease the pain with alcohol at a local bar. In a moment of weakness, she had an affair with one of the patrons. Immediately, the next morning, she called me in tears and told me what happened. I felt anger, betrayal, and sorrow, and found myself unable to deal with the situation. I couldn’t talk my precious wife for days.

Immediately, the next morning, she called me in tears and told me what happened. I felt anger, betrayal, and sorrow, and found myself unable to deal with the situation. I couldn’t talk my precious wife for days.At this point, our marriage was greater than it’s ever been. However, a life changing issue has arisen in past two weeks. My wife had been feeling sick and no common medicine seemed to help. As time went by, she began to question if perhaps her ills were a result of a pregnancy. Sure enough, we went to her doctor and he confirmed that my wife was now 9 weeks pregnant. A realization hit the both of us that given the timing, there was no chance that I could be the father. Therefore the pregnancy was the result of my wife’s affair. The news broke her heart, and has left me in a state of depression. Once again, the feelings of anger and betrayal arose, leaving me distant from my wife.

At this point, I’m not sure what to do. Horrible thoughts of divorce and abortion enter my mind every day, and I’m trying my best to suppress them. I have fears that if we have this child together, I might resent him/her. The man my wife had the affair with was African American, while she and I are both Caucasian. This presents another fear as it would be clear to the child that I’m not the true father. How would I explain this to him/her? How would I explain this to others? Many thoughts keep passing through my mind, and I don’t know what to do. I feel alone, both emotionally and spiritually, and am questioning why God has allowed this to happen.”

Now dealing with a cheating partner is never easy, and it’s especially difficult being a nice guy. After reading Tom’s plea I can’t help but think he has this woman on a pedestal and no matter what she does wrong he can’t seem to knock her off. Notice how Tom seems to blame himself for his wife’s actions, and down right says he has no right to judge her! The reason I’m choosing Tom’s story is not because it’s the worst I’ve ever seen but the least extreme.

This poor guy is essentially apologizing for something his wife did to him and blaming it on everyone except the person who did the wrong doing. This is the end result of pedestaling guys, it completely destroys your perception and makes you lose focus of what’s going on around you. Let’s break down the effects to be clear guys.

The Causes:

What causes a guy to literally go blind(love is blind? see what I did there?) when in the presence of a woman? Great question, here are a few  answers.

  • Because you mom said so: In today’s world most parent/s teach their men in training to  always respect women and be nice to them.
  • Reward: For some strange reason nice guys think that if they trip over themselves with the sole purpose of making a woman happy that it will some how land them together. Guys it’s a lot more complicated than that and I promise in another post I’ll break it down for you.
  • Attention: Nice guys hate being ignored by someone that they like. It makes them sad, depressed, and mad at the world. They will do anything to get rid of those feelings.

The Effects:

  • She can’t do anything wrong: Having a woman on a pedestal makes you paint them in a perfect light, so perfect in fact that if she did anything wrong it wouldn’t even register in your brain. Enter Tom…
  • You are no longer important: You stop looking out for number one, and just look after her. Again this makes you lose focus on what is really going on in your relationship. Tom again…
  • Everything is your fault: If she leaves you or hooks up with someone else. Some how it turns out to be your fault and your fault alone.

In conclusion guys you really need to step back and see if you have adopted any of the symptoms above and if you have you seriously need to reverse the process before you end up like Thomas. A middle aged man that has been married to a wife that had an affair and is carrying a baby that isn’t his. Somewhere in Tom’s mind she didn’t do anything wrong, and he has no right to judge her. Nice guys this is your fate if you don’t stop putting women you are attracted to on a pedestal. Stay tuned for net week’s post as always comments, questions, complaints, concerns, and confessions are welcome!

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Nice Guys: Dating At The Work Place

I’ve been browsing the questions a good portion of them begin with “There’s this girl I work with.” and I already know where this is going. Guys (and girls who read this) there are places that you simply don’t tread when it comes to trying to form a deep and meaningful relationship. One of those places is at work!

Most people often tend to make their place of work their main social outlet, when this happens it soon becomes a place to hook up. I am sure you have heard the old saying “Never mix business with pleasure.” Well today i am going to go over in great detail why you should stick to this motto the next time you think it might be a good idea to hook up with someone at work.

The Business End

Everyday before you go to work, you get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, take a shower, put on clothes, and dawn your business persona. Throughout your work day you go to great lengths to be as professional as humanly possible.  However there are a ton of obstacles in the work places specifically designed to break down that no nonsense mask you put on every day. Let’s go through them.

  • Social Butterflies: These men and women LOVE to chat and plan after work interactions. Technically harmless but can be an opener to the next group.
  • Gossipers: These people have nothing better to do than to talk about everyone behind their backs. They have the latest “scoops” and if you’ve been talking to the social butterflies often chances are they have a little dirt on you too.
  • Saboteurs: Don’t laugh because there are people you work with that want nothing more than seeing out out on your ass. These people usually stalk you quietly throughout the day to get as much dirt on you as possible to get you fired. They will even seek help of gossipers to do so.
  • Bosses: These guys are there to protect their investments. NOTHING MORE. These guys/girls are not your friend and probably never will be unless they are trying to get in your pants.

Bringing It All Together…

So how do these groups come into play when it comes to dating at the work place? I am so glad you asked! You see the more socially open you become the more interest you will gain with the opposite sex. From that point the gossipers start chattering about those interested in you, and will even encourage the union between you two.

This news will spread like wild fire in the span of 24 hours guaranteed. From this point the saboteurs will keep a close eye on you to see what they can use against you. Once the bosses hear about the news even they will start to watch you like a hawk, then you can expect to be called into offices, strange work duties, and other things that should be a red flag to you.

Hazards Of The Relationship.

Oh you thought I was telling you not to date at work because of your colleagues? No! That was only a warm up my friend, the real reasons start here!

  • Constant Interaction: Let’s face it too much interaction in today’s society is actually a bad thing. People get bored, feel trapped, etc. On top of that you’re at work! Why put up with the hassle?
  • Everyone Knows: Not only does everyone know you date, but if things go bad they now know about those really private things you haven’t told anyone.
  • Women Cheat: Yes yes I know what you are gonna say men cheat too, but it’s a statistical fact women cheat with co workers. I know from experience as well. Now you have to deal with a cheating partner, a douche-bag co worker, and the normal grind of your job. FUN FUN!
  • Distractions: A partner at the work place is a HUGE distraction, you don’t perform at your best, and people are watching even when you think they are not.
  • Ta Da! You’re Unemployed: Conflicts, lack of performance, and distractions screws with everyone’s money. Yours, your partners, and your boss’s. The only remedy to this issue to fire certain individuals. Namely you. Women are usually warned, but guys are normally fired outright(Yes that is a statistical fact).

Finishing Up

There you have it, these are just some of the major hazards when dealing with love at the work place. Nine of out ten it simply is not worth the effort or the time. In addition you could end up losing a lot more than just a failed relationship, you will be losing money and employment if you are not careful.

Keep a professional demeanor at work, if the ladies take notice that’s all fine and dandy but make sure it does not go anywhere. No relationship, casual sex, or prolonged conversations. It is simply not worth it.

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Nice Guys: The Dark Side Of Relationships


For the past couple of days since my last post I have been reading through literally hundreds of questions asking “Why can’t I get a girlfriend/boyfriend”. While I know some of the reading base is 25yrs and older but the majority is younger. These questions have really inspired me to share the darker aspects of a relationship. This post isn’t designed to dash your hopes and dreams of finding a fulfilling relationship(It is possible) but to bring you back down to earth on your expectations. I would like to further state that I think relationships (that actually work) are one of life’s real joys. Nothing really beats having a partner that is genuinely there for your total enjoyment and vice versa.

It Poisons The Mind

Relationships can really bring havoc and turmoil to a person’s mind. When a relationship ends, pain is usually associated with it. As a human being, your brain keeps those painful memories so that you don’t make the same mistake again. So with each new relationship you bring a bigger err of caution, apathy, coolness. You become desensitized to your feelings and others as well.

Unfortunately there is no “true” remedy for this because no method of coping with a break up is actually healthy. Those that jump from relationship to relationship end up hurting others and themselves, while those that take time to themselves build up emotional barriers designed specifically to keep people at a distance. It’s a lose/lose situation on all fronts.

Regrets Are Forever

Regret is an ugly stain on your mind. It’s often something that you will live with the rest of your life and nothing screams regret more than that relationship you wish you did not have. Contrary to popular belief anyone who says “They regret nothing” are a bunch of liars. How do I know? Because everyone has that closet where they hide their deepest darkest secrets. Secrets are built on pleasure, pain, rejoice, and regret. If you have a secret than you have a regret.

It Can End At Any Time

It could last a few week or it could last a few years, but the point is they won’t last forever. I’ve often heard the saying “Live for today” when it comes to relationships. However the point of a relationship is to have someone that has been, is, and will be there for you. To live only for today is to care less about your future. So applying that saying to your relationship means your relationship has no future as well.

It’s Not Love

I know I am probably going to get a lot of slack for this, but bring it on. I don’t believe in people “falling out of love”. In fact I think it’s a crock of shit people say when they don’t take the time to really ascertain their feelings toward someone. You have to think about your true feelings, then on top of that wonder about the other persons, it’s not exactly my idea of a fun time.

Now Serving #365?

Ever wonder just what number in the pecking order you are? Ever think about how many people the object of your affection has pleasured? It’s actually pretty scary when you think about it because most are so ashamed that they will lie about it. Some people say “It’s not important” but the fact is no one wants to be with someone who has been around the block so many times that it would make your head spin.

No One Is Immune

Cheating is fairly common today, and it can happen in so many ways. Sometimes it’s subtle other times it’s pretty blatant but the point is you will always have to worry about it. You see everyone has a limit to all things and cheating is one of them. If you have a high threshold it just means you are able to move yourself away from the temptation long for those urges to pass. Those that don’t…well you know what happens. The real question is if the person you are hooking up with has a decent limit. Most don’t.

In the end you really have to ask yourself if a meaningful relationship is really what you and the other person are after. In addition even though you may want one it doesn’t mean the object of your affection wants to. If it seems like they don’t try not to force a relationship in the hopes that they will magically change their minds. If you are single enjoy the lack of stress and the freedom.

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Nice Guys: Fighting Temptations Part 2

At the end of the night and when crazy urges had subsided. I had quite the revelation about the whole ordeal, what I had just experienced is something the average person would go through when presented with temptation. The burning question is how do you beat it?

Beating The Inner Demon…

As stated earlier temptation is a tough thing to beat, especially if you are the kind of person that rationalizes giving in. You know exactly what I am talking about…

“It’s just one drink.”

“It’s just a cheese burger.”

“It’s just harmless sex.”

 I have an example for everyone. The truth is rationalization is the gun that temptation has aimed at your brain. What’s even worse is you are the one pulling the imaginary trigger. After a a while it just snow balls until you become that alcoholic, obese fatty, or that leper nobody wants to look at. So here are some tools to help you immediately kick temptation in the rear.

  1. The End Result: Always keep the end result in mind. A negative end result will more often than not keep you on the correct path.
  2. Control: Remember almost nothing can happen to you without your permission. You can’t get fat, drunk, or in a sexually awkward situation without doing it to yourself.
  3. Evasion: It’s not just a ninja tactic, avoiding impending disaster will keep you out of trouble every time. Just make note of triggers (people places, or things) that specifically cause unsatisfactory situations.
  4. Is it you?: People will often say “try something new” and I am not against that in any way, but if that new thing puts you in a place of negative action then it would be wise to keep to your usual habits.
  5. Say NO: Nice guys seem to be afraid of this word. In fact they have an incredibly hard time saying it to anyone. It doesn’t make you a bad person to respectfully decline something you have no interest in participating in.

After applying these principles I rarely lose out to temptation and I have no doubts you will be able to do the same. You may be wondering what happened to Ms. Marie, well she did what she could, but nothing worked after that night.

I decided to do a little bit of research on my mysterious pal and discovered she was “baby crazy”. For those that don’t know, she wanted a child…badly. She needed light skinned gentlemen with good looks. Apparently I was a good subject for her project.

She eventually found what she was looking for, and I hear the guy is miserable as well. Now I can say without those tactics I may have fallen victim. Guys stay safe out there and consider the possibilities.

Nice Guys : Fighting Temptations Part 1

Being the nice guy can be an incredibly satisfying accomplishment. When people look at you they see the embodiment of everything good, wholesome, and decent!

However being the nice guy all day every day also has some terrible draw backs. In the past week I have had to do some serious battle with the horned devil I like to call temptation.

Let it be known that temptation is one tough son of a b#@! and it isn’t until you truly beat it that you start to realize certain things about yourself. Those things can actually be enlightening, empowering, or down right scary. So gather round boys(and girls) it’s story time, and I warn you this story will contain content not suitable for…you know what never mind you’ve probably seen porn more graphic than what I am about to share with you.

As you guys already know sex is kind of a big deal to me. So big of a deal that I do not do it casually…in fact I don’t actually do it at all. No I’m not a virgin but let’s just say I can count my sexual partners on a hand that is missing four fingers. Having said that many females I hang around with via close friends, family, etc know me as a “unattainable male”. For those that are wondering it’s a term women use to describe guys that are attractive but not easily seduced or sexually active. To me it’s a pretty sick and twisted game of cat and mouse, except when you are caught you get laid.

The New Girl Of The Group

A friend of mine once said that:

“There is nothing like corrupting an innocent person, it’s such a turn on.”

A few years back I was introduced to a woman named Marie, she was a very short girl and every man she passed suffered from a bad case of strained neck.

You see Marie had a very…very nice, round, and full ass. The picture to you’re right doesn’t do the half globe that was Marie’s ass justice. When the guys and myself met her they where eye humping like there was no tomorrow. Even now I think about why I didn’t do it too, but I like to think it’s because it’s nothing special and there was more to life. That and the fact that I didn’t actually find her attractive helped. She was pretty no doubt but there was something about her that I found…disturbing. Even today I don’t know what it was.

The girls of the group hated her guts, but I honestly think it was a big jealousy issue. Reason being is when Marie was around all the guys stopped what they where doing(except for yours truly). Around our third meeting it seemed that my lack of attention towards her was starting to make her a bit curious. She began direct conversations with me, trying to poke my brain and at the time I saw no harm in being an open book.

The Get Together…

As time passed and my eyes never swayed to start at that incredible ass, I think she found it frustrating. She began acting a bit differently, instead of sitting in chairs she would sit in my lap. Not that it was really strange as many of the girls have done this to me but I found it odd because we didn’t really know each other. The first time she did it I was in the kitchen of my best friend’s house it was pretty much a full house, if you wanted to sit you had to head to the living room which she normally did or simply stood against the wall.

However tonight was a little different. She had a habit of wearing skin tight sweats(she showed off her best asset at all times) and when she went to sit she sat directly on top of my package. I remember my area twitching at initial contact, which she responded by saying “Ooh…sorry”. While she said it I noticed she didn’t move or adjust, I told her it was no big deal and she giggled.

I realize now that she found a hidden pun in my retort. Obviously pleased with my length she tried squirming through all night to find out where my flag was hidden but little did she know I have had plenty of public erections and have learned to hide them well enough. Unfortunately at the end of the night she found it. Her soft bottom moved and squirmed so much that I couldn’t help but stand at attention. In no time at all my shaft was pushing against her left cheek.

“You are very comfortable.” she said.

All while moving to work it so that my shaft was right between her cheeks…she was a cool on alright. She knew exactly what she was doing! She knew I couldn’t just get up and walk away, she knew I would have to let her do what she wanted as long as I was at attention. With one quick movement she tilted to the right allowing my little friend to shoot directly between her ass and she scooted back a bit so that her back met my stomach and she could feel my entire length between her legs.

“That’s much better…” she said smiling this time.

I could feel my face turn red, all I could do was look down at the table and try to be more involved in the conversations we all where having.  Here I am sitting in my best friends kitchen with a woman that I barely know sandwiching my dick between her ass and legs.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it because I’d be lying, I felt everything! Her ass and even the folds of her more private area all through these thin pants. After a few minutes I could feel my own pulse down there, with every steady beat my member twitched. With every twitch I lost composure, I didn’t just want to have sex with this women. I wanted to sexually destroy her in every way possible. If murder where sex I wanted to commit it in the first degree…

The feelings where so strong it made me dizzy! I fought on multiple occasions the urge to grab those wide hips and grind myself against her. Why the hell was this happening to me!? (To be continued)