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The Adverse Effects Of Hypergamy & A Feminized Society


In last weeks post we gave guys a road map to follow when it comes to women and their mate selection process. While it was helpful to a lot of guys out there it has still gotten a number of questions from men and even a complaint or two from women. As promised in this weeks post we will be discussing the effects that hypergamy and feminism have on modern men. In addition I’ll be covering the questions and comments I have received concerning last week’s post at a later date but let’s go ahead and go over exactly what men have to face in modern society.

The Plight Of The Modern Male

So what kinds of problems are men facing today and how exactly does hypergamy play a major role? For starters we are living in an era where being a male is extremely difficult. From birth boys are under constant scrutiny by a feminized education system, raised emasculated and trained to be subservient to the opposite sex. Only to take on what I consider social abnormalities that are literally derailing healthy male development.

  • Social Awkwardness: We learn the ability to speak and socialize in early Childhood. However our young boys are being medicated and told to be quiet
  • Female Worship: This is something that 95% of the male population suffers with. Again being taught from a young age to always be nice to girls, buy them nice gifts, and always say nice things to them. Men often take this advice to the highest degree.
  • Low Self Worth: Men being raised to shun their natural masculine instincts often sacrifice themselves and their resources. In doing so they somehow become “heroes” in the eyes of society.
  • Androgyny: In the ongoing quest to impress women a lot of guys have turned to appearing more feminine in order to attract Mrs. Right. Yes men heard that women don’t like big muscles, macho attitudes, and beards. So they broke out the skinny jeans, hair dye, and fedoras…

The problems don’t end their unfortunately, after schooling young men still need to deal with the ever growing oppression of the feminist society in which they live. Men constantly need to walk on eggshells, beg and grovel when dealing with women and it’s not getting any easier. Let’s take a look at some of the very real issues young men have to deal with in today’s society.

  • The Potential Predator: Today men have earned the stigma that they are a potential predator to women and children. Children have gone from “Don’t talk to strangers.” to “Don’t talk to strange men.”
  • Demonized Male Sexuality: Normal heterosexual male behavior is often considered to be unacceptable if it is publicly observed. Gone are the days of saying hello to a woman on the street without being labeled a pervert.
  • Guilty Until Proven Otherwise: Today’s justice system more often than not considers all males accused of a crime guilty until proven innocent. This is especially true if these crimes are committed against the opposite sex.
  • The Worst Gender: Men are considered to be dumb, lazy, and incapable. This can be observed in all forms of media from television to movies. A frighteningly large number of men have embraced the role of the “bumbling idiot” do to society’s constant influence.

Believe me the list doesn’t stop here, it’s just that I like to point out the issues that stand out to me the most.

The Adverse Effects

By themselves they are aggravating but when combined they become a series of unfortunate events that lead to a wide scale social breakdown. Again I could list a million things that hypergamy and feminism has done but for the sake of not losing our minds I will list the top four effects.

  • Mass Male Withdrawal: Men are officially calling it quits when it comes to women in general. From the Grass Eaters, MGTOW, to The Red Pill. Men everywhere are slowly realizing that they don’t have to deal with feminist bullshit(Pardon my french).
  • Marriage is on the decline: For men marriage is a death sentence, and more guys are starting to denounce marriage and in most cases relationships. Why buy the cow hen the milk is free right?
  • Women are not accountable: Women are raised to believe the world is all about them and anything they do or say is right. Along with this society is always their to save the damsel in distress whether it be government assistance or the men obligated to do so.
  • There are no good men: For women who are getting older there is a large shortage of available men to start a life with. Men are no longer settling for the woman who have been promiscuous in their youth and this fact is driving a lot of women mad.

If things keep progressing the way they are feminized societies are going to end up causing some serious social declines in the near future. The irony is that women will be the ones that will suffer the most in the end.

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5 Tragic & Disgusting Ways Feminism Undermines Boyhood



It’s often said that children are the future of the human race. It is our job as parents, teachers, and guardians to properly guide them so that one day they can take the reigns. However it seems that over the past 30 plus years the development of boys have been sabotaged… severely. What’s worse is that parents, teachers, and even society perpetuates the problem regardless if they know it or not. In today’s post I’d like to cover five tragic ways that feminism continues to undermine boyhood.

Everything Starts At The Beginning

Early childhood development is a crucial stage for both boys and girls. This is the time children start to gain an understanding  of themselves. They begin to develop their personalities, form attachments, and learn expression. In addition to these traits children (both boys and girls) begin to manifest their aggression. While a girls aggression is considered mostly social (name calling, ignoring, etc), a boys aggression is considered predominantly physical (hitting).

This is where young boys development is undermined. When a young boy becomes physically aggressive his behavior is labeled as bad and is usually punished whenever their aggression rears it’s ugly head. How many times have you heard the saying “Never hit a girl, even if they hit you first.” or “You should always be nice to girls.” Probably more times than you care to count. This form of programming usually lasts for 18 years.

The Adverse Effects

So what exactly does 18 years of feminist intervention do the development of the male brain? Sadly it does a bit too much if you ask me but for the sake of time we will go through the 5 most disturbing.

  • The Removal of Masculine Traits: This is big and you will notice it becomes a big ripple effect as I continue down the list. Common masculine traits boys develop early on in life are confidence, assertiveness and independence. Notice anything familiar about these traits? Yes little girls are taught to develop these traits!
  • Social Withdrawal: Every day more men are disconnecting themselves from society. After years of being torn down most men ask themselves the all important question. What’s the point? Men are no longer going to school, they aren’t going to work, and they aren’t getting married. Men try to find solace in many ways that most if not all of us reading can relate to. They resort to drugs, alcohol, and unfortunately even suicide.
  • Gender Confusion: Androgyny is something that is on the rise with men. They believe that looking and behaving in a more feminine manner is attractive to women. The hair coloring, skinny jeans, flamboyant clothing, and even make up are now things males are considering to look “good”.
  • Crippled Sense of Self Worth and Image: Never before have I seen such a large number of men so doubtful and unsure of themselves. Men today often seek the approval of those they hold in high regard (usually women) as opposed to being their own individual. To make matters worse most men behave as if they are a disposable resource, they will not defend themselves against violent behavior and will often sacrifice themselves or their resources for “the greater good”(women).
  • Misandry: This is by far the worst one. Believe it or not people young boys are having classroom discussions about why they hate being male. How vile and disgusting must a person be to make a child hate themselves because they are a certain gender? What’s worse is how can any parent stand by and approve!? Boys are being trained to be mistrustful of men and consider them to be an evil influence.

Final Thoughts

The information is hard to swallow, in fact it’s damn near impossible to believe. However when you take into the account of lack of masculine role models, the demonizing of male sexuality, and the constant criticism of male behavior. You’re able to start seeing the effects of feminism in every aspect of society and even your life.

Have you ever asked yourself why there are so few male teachers, or role models? How about why men aren’t allowed around children on planes, parks, and most other public places? Even better. Why are men socially humiliated when they stand up for themselves especially if their attackers are women? I’ll tell you why folks. We live in a society that is pro women and anti male.

To find out more about the mistreatment of America’s young men I recommend reading The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers. It is eye opening, disappointing, and angering experience all at the same time. I usually don’t speak about children in my posts as I ignorantly thought they where too young to be exposed to feminism but I humbly admit I was wrong.



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