Ask the nice guy is a blog for heterosexual men of all ages. It’s meant for a large assemblage of men who more out of life without the drama today’s world brings.

The intent of the Nice Guy Blueprint is to unplug men from the overly androgynous and politically-correct world they live in. This site is designed to be an online sanctuary for men who want more out of life with less drama.


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  1. Debarchan Goswami says:

    I never thought that there is some hope to break free from that slavery of current world. Thanks a lot! Glad to be a part of this community as a teenager. Best wishes!


  2. nudepink09@gmail.com says:

    Speechless, woman here. I don’t even know where to start. I’m anti’feminist. I doubt you will reply to this if not skimm-read it. The “ways to be sucessful with women” proved to be very interesting yet sadly true-but only in some aspects. I do have one question: why is it that a man may be or do all of those things to one woman and it works. But then, he meets another woman and it aaalll goes out of the door ‘becoming yes man’ with no boundries or standard (let’s say second woman looks average, the first looks prettier) how do you explain that?

    Also, the sexual harassment part seem to contradict with almost all of your other posts. You seen to be very ‘it’s all evolution bla bla” and then you jump onto another post advocating for feminism with “all equal, pay the date in half with her it’s not fucking 1960s” or something along those lines. This quote from your ways feminism ruined boyhood (very enlightening, I mean that in the most unsarcastic ways) especially “…While a girls aggression is considered mostly social (name calling, ignoring, etc), a boys aggression is considered predominantly physical (hitting).” My younger brothers always fight when they play to which my mother stops them, and ofc from school they’re shunned from such activity: does that do more harm than good? Is this when they are most masculine self. ? Should they be encouraged to behave this way by the people around them? Because you have stated the side effects which is evident in our society (I feel like my posts reeks of sarcasm) but I assure it isn’t (including that too).

    I’d go on about other things but I’m afraid I’d waste my time and this post becomes a fly among your wall of web of flies.

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    • Hi NudePink, Thanks for asking your questions and providing your opinion. I really do appreciate it. Also thank you for waiting all this time for a reply.

      I want to go ahead and address your questions and opinions in order so I’ll start with about guys pulling a 180 in terms of dealing with multiple women.

      The average guy doesn’t get much attention from women in general. For a guy to be courting one woman and switching to the next indicates a couple of things. The most obvious one is that he is not interested in being committed.

      In terms of feminism and evolution, I see things like feminism trying to change the very nature of genders. You will often see me support fairness but argue points that instinct continuously disproves. While it may seem like I am going back and forth, I promise you there is rhyme to me reason.

      In terms of your brothers fighting, I have also been there with my brother. Our father would let us settle our differences while our mother would so the exact opposite and scold us. My father explained to us all that the reason he allows us to argue and sometimes come to blows wasn’t just to toughen us up but to allow us to build up the courage to stand up for ourselves when we get older. I believe young boys who are constantly scolded for their natural behavior develop behaviors that set them up for failure later on in life. They become docile, indecisive, and way less confident in their choices. These are quality women hate to see in their men, but the mothers instill these qualities in their sons. My father’s belief was a counter balance her upbringing. Mom taught us to be kind, considerate, and compassionate. Dad taught us to be confident, decisive, and firm. Moms are important and so are dads. Women young men are brought up predominantly by their mothers they learn all the feminine traits but none of the masculine ones. Most young men now a days learn their masculine traits from society and television but there is no guidance behind it and they end up being set up for failure anyway,

      I promise you I welcome any and all feedback regardless if it’s positive or negative. I love hearing from both sides of the fence because I believe in being fair. Having said that don’t be a stranger


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