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CBS Rejects Nancy Drew & The Internet Explodes.


Popular television network CBS decided that it would not be picking up the new adaptation of Nancy Drew. The show was announced some time last year by CBS and the writers of popular television show Gray’s Anatomy. The show was suppose to re imagine of Nancy as a NYPD detective in her thirties that investigates and solves crimes using her “Sherlock Holmes” type skills and most likely dealing with real life issues in the process. In my opinion it’s nothing particularly fresh or even interesting as the general gist of the show already exists in multiple forms across multiple crime drama shows. However it’s not the over done tone or the exceedingly predictable plot that convinced CBS to drop the show, it was the fact that the show was “skewed too female for CBS’ schedule”. Despite the pilot episode testing well.


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At this point in time is where feminists, supporters of the show lost, and social justice warriors everywhere lost their shit…literally. Offended people from all over took to social media and started the #toofemale hashtag, which has just about anything you can imagine a triggered individual would complain about. Hell they even have a tweet listing the address to CBS and convincing people to send tampons to the company in protest! I can’t make this stuff up people, take  a look for yourself.


Justified Outrage Or Overreaction?

I’ll be blunt here. After checking this out on twitter I had to face palm at the sheer amount of stupidity these tweets had contained in them. Some of them claimed what CBS did was an attack on women, others tried to compare the situation to other shows, but most where just mindless dribble. So I will go ahead and clear up some things that people supporting this frankly ridiculous hashtag fail to understand.

First and foremost lets go ahead and clear up the meaning of “Skewed too female for CBS’ schedule”. I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that not enough of a male audience enjoyed the show. This fact changes a large amount behind the scenes that most people don’t know, let alone think about. Let’s close our eyes and play pretend for a second.  Now imagine you own a major television network that caters to both men and women. It’s your job to attract, stabilize and maintain your viewership by having a line up of shows that keep your audience engaged. Now imagine that about 60% to 75% of your shows lean a bit towards your female audience over your male audience. What are the chances that you would further add another show that is not appealing to your male audience? Probably pretty slim, because if you did a large portion of your audience would tune out, which means you lose ratings, ad revenue, and so much more.

CBS has a plethora of female centric television shows whether people want to admit it or not. All a person has to do is go to CBS’s website click shows and take in all that the network has to offer. In fact you might even notice that the majority of the shows are actually appealing more to the female audience. Especially with the cancellation of Person of Interest (the only show I watched on CBS till season 3) which was confirmed by the network. I’m not a genius or anything but If I owned a major television network that caters to a general audience and someone pitched me a show that half of my audience doesn’t like. I’d probably turn it down too if I wanted to stay in business. This isn’t an attack on women folks, this is a business choice by a group of marketers that want to maximize the company’s bottom line. Could I be wrong? Sure, but I doubt the network that is responsible for shows like Super Girl, Mom, The Bold & The Beautiful, etc all of a sudden hate women. This is just another case of people misinterpreting something as anti women. Shame on you people of twitter.