The Ultimate Man’s Guide To Modern Hypergamy


It’s no secret men have the damnedest time truly understanding the inner workings of the female psyche. Guys are taught from an early age that being nice, supportive, and friendly will almost certainly land them a faithful mate. However this behavior has only landed the vast majority of men in the category of creep while seemingly opposite behavior actually works. Which leaves nice guys everywhere wondering how exactly does a woman choose her partners. Well my friends we have all the answers in today’s post but first I must warn all who read this. The truth is not pretty, it can be extremely harsh and ultimately painful. Never the less it’s nothing compared to the pain of living a lie for years.

I’d like to introduce you to a term that the uninitiated have probably never heard of, the term is called “Hypergamy”. Hypergamy is defined as the act of marrying someone wealthier or of higher status than yourself. While not gender specific the term is more times than not pointed towards women because status and wealth make up vital parts of their total attraction to males.  Think of hypergamy as a giant tree that every woman must climb, and every branch in that tree represents a male.

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  Illustration created with the help of Piktochart

As you can see as a man’s income increases so does the level of attraction from the women he interacts with. However this is only a basic understanding of hypergamy and most guys would dismiss this information without really thinking about it. So to help men truly understand this we will cover this down to it’s core. How and where it starts, your role in it, and even real world examples to learn from.

The Three Pillars of Hypergamy

Modern hypergamy is built on three pillars. One pillar is innate while the other two are taught as young girls mature into women. I’ll let the diagram below explain things more clearly.

three female traits of attract(1)  Illustration created with the help of Piktochart

By now you are probably starting to put two and two together. I can imagine the light bulb turning on as you travel back in time and analyze your past encounters with women. Maybe you realize why you were or weren’t so successful with them in high school. Better yet maybe you realize that those that aren’t up to a woman’s standard are considered creeps, perverts, and potential rapists but this is a topic for another day.

No Place To Go But Up

It’s important to keep in mind that once a woman has climbed to a certain height in the tree she absolutely will not climb down to a lower level. It should also be noted there are women that will do just about anything to secure their branch on that tree. Marriage and children are usually the most effective ways for a woman to secure a portion of wealth for men. When the relationship eventually goes sour the legal system will more often than not give a portion of the man’s wealth to the former wife.

Alimony and child support will keep the woman at their desired standard of living until they find the next eligible suitor. Make no mistake this is not isolated to those that are considered wealthy, this happens to men from all walks of life and levels of income.

Men Ultimately Lose In This System

Many men fall prey to this system and the real kicker is that it’s not widely spoken about. Well no need to fear because I am going to go over three mini case studies of the system at work.  Let’s take a look at our victims:

Dwight Howard: 29 year old profession NBA player. He’s got money, looks, and status which is something every woman is looking for. This man most likely has women throw themselves at him every hour of every day. Unfortunately this man has also managed to spawn 8 children in the span of 6 years between 6 different women. This is not the behavior of a man looking to start a family, this is a man that has been caught in the hypergamy trap…8 times.

Evander Holyfield: 52 year old retired professional boxer. 11 children with 9 different women, again not your typical family man behavior. Although it is the behavior of a wealthy bachelor that just happened to get caught and the reckless behavior has lost him over 300 million.

Calvin Murphy: 66 year old retired NBA player. He has 14 children with 9 different women need I say more here? No on plans to have this many children with so many different women, the amount of legal, alimony, and child support bills must be staggering for this former professional.

I think at this point it’s starting to sink in how the hypergamy system works. The real kicker is the fact these gentlemen are not even married to any of the women they have conceived these children with. This means love and companionship were not a factor and unfortunately that is how it is for most men that get sucked into the system. In a later post I will discuss the adverse effects that modern hypergamy and feminism have on males. Until then readers.

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7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Man’s Guide To Modern Hypergamy

  1. Praetor says:

    Women have always been hypergamous. And it’s not just true among humans. It’s true among most animal species as well. It’s fundamental natural-selection. Males compete for female attention, and through this competition the survival of the strongest genes survives. Female hypergamy is part-and-parcel of Darwinian natural selection, and survival of the fittest.

    But here’s the problem.

    That whole Darwinian system worked just fine back when women were nothing more than house-bound baby-makers. Today, women are as active in society as men — taking on every role that was once considered “male”. Our historically-new gender-equality presents a perplexing social problem in contemporary society when one considers the hypergamous nature of females.

    Women may preach the virtues of gender equality, but hypergamy is fundamentally elitist in nature. To put a finer point on it: How can one ever have a gender-equal system in which 100% of women seek to “marry up”?

    For example: How many female doctors marry male nurses? How many female pilots are marrying male flight-attendants? How many hyper-successful women select an unsuccessful male with a nice smile and a warm heart? For those preparing to cite one or two granular examples, let’s remember this is a statistical question. And the answer is: “Very, very few.”

    So how does one create a gender equal society, in which successful men regularly and frequently marry unsuccessful women based on non-wealth attributes. But successful women solely select men based on wealth attributes? Here we have a fundamental disconnect in the reality of gender equality. It isn’t equal. If both genders eventually have equal earnings, but the equally-earning women only marry higher-earning men — then Houston, we have a very big problem.

    We’re going to have disappointment and frustration all over the place.

    And it’s the feminists who frankly, must shoulder the most blame for this. To date, I have never heard a successful, educated and gender-equal “mom” telling her daughter to find a “nice sweet boy” and disregard wealth, power and status. Have you?

    But as a male with a very successful mom, that was precisely her advice to me: “Just find a girl with a nice heart. Everything else is BS.” she said.

    And frankly she was right.

    But do you think the same advice would go to my sister if I had one? Not a chance.

    So what happened to equality?

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  2. The thing that happened is that women were always, since the beginning of time, opressed, and looked down. And they mamaged to find a way to “look after themselves”, to secure themselves. Because women have had it harder, and they still do, everywhere you look, the percent of succesful women is lower than the percent of the succesful men. Generally, men almost always get the higher postions. (Statistically, there are few different cases ofcourse. ) But in a time where women weren’t allowed to vote, ofcourse they will always marry someone influential which will help them get closer to their goals (when they dont have an another way). And now that woman are slowly starting to become less opressed, ofcourse the system is still there, its hard to destroy a system that has always been there, just like it was hard to prove to a man that a woman is worth the same as he is. But we’re getting there. “When I say I want to be treated equally, why do you think I want to be treated like a man?”


    • Firstly thank you for posting, I always welcome both sides of the argument here to speak their mind without any hostilities. That being said I think we will agree to disagree, in American society women are far from oppressed.

      They are coddled, pampered , and down right worshiped. Never in any point in history has there been a better time to be a woman. Women dominate multiple industries, are praised for outlandish behavior, and rarely ever have to take responsibility for their actions.

      On the topic of hypergamy in next weeks post I am going to go into more detail about how it effects our society as a whole. This post was to teach men the basics.


  3. Mavellian says:

    That is not entirely true. There is a small portion of truth to it. See, because with all that said, why is it that a high status female goes for, “the low income bad boy?” Or leave their “high status, high income,” mates for a lesser man, “worldly ideologically thinking”. Why? And that is the issue some of these men do not understand. They spend their entire lives in the pursuit of wealth, looks, etc only to be dumped, cheated on by a “lesser man.” This only reveals that this ideology is only a conventional capitalistic way of indoctrination and not a natural driven attraction. Most of our successful men are disturbed at this revelation that is coming to them due to the fact that most have spent their lives pursuing this ideology only to come out emptyhanded.

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    • Excellent questions and I plan to go in great detail on this week’s up coming post. To answer your question now though, women are good at making themselves out to be something they’re not. The number of pseudo high value women to genuine ones are far and between. She may look like a million bucks but she probably doesn’t have a dime to her name.

      In addition age comes into play here. Any woman younger than roughly 27 years of age still goes for looks & status over wealth. Once beauty starts to fade the hunt is on for a stable and reliable source.


      • Mavellian says:

        Granted, I still believe there is some partial truth to it and I for one being an example of the truth that I am speaking of. Unfortunately for confidential reasons I cannot go into detail but to be honest it really just comes down to game. I never in a million years would have found myself uttering such a word. But I am not rich nor am I dirt poor and have had women leave men of a significant “higher status” for me only for me not to pleased with them. I dont live according to the world or the capitalistic chase. I have gotten women considered, “out of my league” by the masses because in my mind there is no league and no status all illusionary that we have created so I am for their innate nature. Once I am in their head, I am golden. That’s why I never sought money only for my basic needs nor hahah “status quo” because only I approve of myself. I never let a woman choose me, I choose her and tell her that I have chosen you, despite their status or looks and it works because regardless of this “civil” world we still are animals in our nature. Does it work all the time no, but most often I get what I want and not even spend a dime unless I truly please or am hungry for something to eat. I am not a nice guy nor a douche just me. Thanks tho bro.

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  4. Mavellian says:

    And one more thing I only date women from 20 to 25 as I start getting older the age number will slowly drop.

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