Nice Guys : The M.G.T.O.W Movement & You


Over the past few decades it seems that men and women have been secretly waging war against the opposite sex and if you’ve been living under a rock like I have this post will be of news to you! Yes ladies and gentlemen the battle of the sexes have officially boiled over and nice guys around the world are officially done. Wait? What exactly do you mean “done”? They can’t just be “done”! Well apparently  nice guys and men in general have formed a movement called M.G.T.O.W (Men Going Their Own Way). In this post I’d like to go into detail about the movement, what it means, and most of all why it was created in the first place.

So one might ask ” What exactly has so many guys so pissed off? “, Well I went ahead and did some homework (literally a years worth) I joined the movement in January of 2013. I literally felt like a war journalist tagging along with a special military unit for a week in the jungles of Nam. Now don’t get me wrong at no point in time of my journalism was I shot at but I often did come under fire. So what exactly is M.G.T.O.W movement and what exactly does it mean to be a part of it?

Well the M.G.T.O.W movement is basically a group of men that are literally tired of the world they live in. What does this mean? Basically I have complied a rather long list on what has brought so many of the nice guy army into this movement but for the sake of time I’ve toned it down to .  Here are the top  reasons men join M.G.T.O.W:

  • Rules : We’ve all seen it. In today’s age there are so many rules to dating, relationships, marriage, and even how to interact with the opposite sex. While normally I’d think this doesn’t actually make too much sense because any individual that is their own person would totally ignore all these “rules” and just be themselves. However my knowledge in psychology also knows that the average woman is 98% more likely to listen the popular opinion instead of make up their own mind. Yes it’s true look it up.
  • Feminism : This one wasn’t a big surprise but when I spoke to a lot of the married/divorced guys in the group I was shocked.  Over the past few years feminism has definitely stacked the deck against men when it comes to everything from simple interaction with women to marriage. It’s been considered one of the biggest things that have ruined relationships between men and women. There is so much more to talk about with this reason but I have to do it in another post!
  • RE-Education : Men feel that the past and current generations of males have brainwashed by today’s society to be weak, docile, and ultimately controlled by anything in a skirt. This was honestly a shock to the system because I actually felt like everything I taught guys over the years actually paid off! For years I’ve coached guy to be their own individual and it just seemed like they all gathered together here in the M.G.T.O.W camp.
  • Support : Let’s be honest here if you don’t have any support system in your life your kind of S.O.L. The men of M.G.T.O.W are there for you bro. Regardless of what you need help with, it’s gone from dating, to entrepreneurship, to help fixing your blender!  In all honestly I’m impressed with the amount of support members  give to each other.

The Veridct

So nice guys by now you probably have a few questions and to sum them all up it probably translates into “Should I become part of this movement and if so how does it work?” Well guys I will be brutal here. In my time with M.G.T.O.W I can’t say I learned too much that I didn’t already know. However I would say that if you are the type of guy that seriously struggles when it comes to women. I’d strongly suggest you take a look at what a lot of these guys have to say. There are guys that have been through divorces and are helping others get through theirs with incredible expert and accurate advice. I even ended up teaching a lot of the younger crowd about women so they avoid the oh so many mistakes they would of made without the movement involved in their lives.

Also keep in mind while ultimately this is something that would be a healthy addition to any man’s life be warned that supporters of the movement can come under fire by some seriously angry individuals. Will you get into a fist fight? Probably not but you will have your fair share of keyboard warriors that will fight tooth and nail with you online as if they where in a boxing match with Mike Tyson and the stakes where their very lives. One other thing I’d warn new comers about is the fact that it’s difficult in the first few months. The things you’ll learn will be hard to swallow(Just ask Luke), and lots of guys hearing it for the first time can be a little scary. I mean imagine a total stranger telling you everything that’s wrong with you to such a degree you’d swear they have you on a hidden camera somewhere. Yeah it’s that intense, but all in all I’d say give it a shot. Joining is as simple as searching the term online, for those that use reddit it’s even easier “/r/MGTOW“.

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4 thoughts on “Nice Guys : The M.G.T.O.W Movement & You

  1. ExitedTheMatrix says:

    I’m not actually a member of MGTOW (no such thing), but I am a MGHOW. It’s nice that there’s no official membership or formal structure involved. This is actually what allows them to continue as a group and survive feminists. Who are the feminists going to attack when there’s no one person or group of people that lead the movement? Hilarious!

    It wasn’t until I started to research the MRM and MGTOW that I began to understand why relationships with women were so confusing. Now, I’m what they call a “red piller” and have zero confusion regarding women. I now understand women better than most understand themselves (after a couple of years of MGTOW research). Though many women will paint the movement as misogynistic, the MGTOW folks are awesome. Some are bitter and angry (and for good reason).

    You have to do a lot of research to understand why these folks (and I) have gone their own way. A simple visit to their site will not help. A couple of sites that helped me better understand MGTOW were:

    The MGTOW philosophy (if you can call it that) helped me enormously. I have a level of peace in my life that I hadn’t been able to achieve prior to discovering this philosophy.


    • Yes I do agree it’s great that there is no defined way to join the movement and for the most part men that come in can enjoy the pleasure of anonymity. While it prevents a group on group hunt there still are skirmishes between individuals and they are not pretty in the least. The path to becoming a red piller is often considered difficult because most guys relapse back to their usual behavior when it comes to interacting with women.

      Thank you for including those links. I think we can all learn from them, while my interaction with a large number of members I’ve heard tons of stories to give me a excellent view of whats going on between men and women. In fact in the near future I’d like to cover feminism to further increase awareness to all the nice guys out there.


    • Bill says:

      I would agree. The nice thing is the degree of serenity you acheive. you are not competing against thugs and bad boys anymore (which is good because these guys always win anyway). You don’t have to exude “confidence” and you don’t have to worry about what women think of you. I used to get annoyed when I saw a cute girl with a scumbag who looks as though he just got paroled. After I gave up on women I didn’t care. I realized the cute girl and the scumbag were a match made in heaven.


  2. Bill says:

    I think for many single guys MGTOW is a very viable option. Take these “rules” for example. Who could comply with all these rules and do all the things that modern woman supposedly wants? Not too many guys. And the rules are a double standard. The decent guy has to be perfect in every way, 24/7. One mistake and he’s out. Do you think these rules apply to Alpha males, thugs and Bad boys? Of course not. They treat women like trash and toss them aside when they are done yet they can do no wrong. Even if a decent guy lands a date look at the risks. Just Google “Spermjacking” and “false rape accusations.” I gave up on women at the age of 30 (long time ago) , after having grown tired of repeated rejections. After giving up I felt a great sensation of peace and sernity. I was giving up a futile struggle and I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my back. . I did not have to exude “confidence” and I didn’t have to worry about what women thought of me. I used to get upset when some scumbag who couldn’t hold a job got the girl I wanted. After giving up I didn’t care anymore. I was able to concentrate on my career and my graduate education, all to my benefit. In my case, after I stopped pursuing women several of them expressed an interest and I started getting dates.If a woman expressed an interest I would ask her out. But I didn’t care if she said yes or no and it wasn’t an act. When I cared about women I could get a date. I was trash on the sidewalk as far as they were concerned. When I no longer cared about women, I started getting dates. . I would encourage the nice guys to stop chasing women and stop worrying about not having a girlfriend. Thugs, Alpha males and babdboys have locked up most of the action and women are not going to change. These are the guys they want, in spite of what they say. Do what betters your situation. You will encounter lots of women in your daily life and if there is any interest, follow up on it if you like her. Hope this helps.


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