Nice Guys: Fighting Temptations Part 2

At the end of the night and when crazy urges had subsided. I had quite the revelation about the whole ordeal, what I had just experienced is something the average person would go through when presented with temptation. The burning question is how do you beat it?

Beating The Inner Demon…

As stated earlier temptation is a tough thing to beat, especially if you are the kind of person that rationalizes giving in. You know exactly what I am talking about…

“It’s just one drink.”

“It’s just a cheese burger.”

“It’s just harmless sex.”

 I have an example for everyone. The truth is rationalization is the gun that temptation has aimed at your brain. What’s even worse is you are the one pulling the imaginary trigger. After a a while it just snow balls until you become that alcoholic, obese fatty, or that leper nobody wants to look at. So here are some tools to help you immediately kick temptation in the rear.

  1. The End Result: Always keep the end result in mind. A negative end result will more often than not keep you on the correct path.
  2. Control: Remember almost nothing can happen to you without your permission. You can’t get fat, drunk, or in a sexually awkward situation without doing it to yourself.
  3. Evasion: It’s not just a ninja tactic, avoiding impending disaster will keep you out of trouble every time. Just make note of triggers (people places, or things) that specifically cause unsatisfactory situations.
  4. Is it you?: People will often say “try something new” and I am not against that in any way, but if that new thing puts you in a place of negative action then it would be wise to keep to your usual habits.
  5. Say NO: Nice guys seem to be afraid of this word. In fact they have an incredibly hard time saying it to anyone. It doesn’t make you a bad person to respectfully decline something you have no interest in participating in.

After applying these principles I rarely lose out to temptation and I have no doubts you will be able to do the same. You may be wondering what happened to Ms. Marie, well she did what she could, but nothing worked after that night.

I decided to do a little bit of research on my mysterious pal and discovered she was “baby crazy”. For those that don’t know, she wanted a child…badly. She needed light skinned gentlemen with good looks. Apparently I was a good subject for her project.

She eventually found what she was looking for, and I hear the guy is miserable as well. Now I can say without those tactics I may have fallen victim. Guys stay safe out there and consider the possibilities.


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