Nice Guys : Fighting Temptations Part 1

Being the nice guy can be an incredibly satisfying accomplishment. When people look at you they see the embodiment of everything good, wholesome, and decent!

However being the nice guy all day every day also has some terrible draw backs. In the past week I have had to do some serious battle with the horned devil I like to call temptation.

Let it be known that temptation is one tough son of a b#@! and it isn’t until you truly beat it that you start to realize certain things about yourself. Those things can actually be enlightening, empowering, or down right scary. So gather round boys(and girls) it’s story time, and I warn you this story will contain content not suitable for…you know what never mind you’ve probably seen porn more graphic than what I am about to share with you.

As you guys already know sex is kind of a big deal to me. So big of a deal that I do not do it casually…in fact I don’t actually do it at all. No I’m not a virgin but let’s just say I can count my sexual partners on a hand that is missing four fingers. Having said that many females I hang around with via close friends, family, etc know me as a “unattainable male”. For those that are wondering it’s a term women use to describe guys that are attractive but not easily seduced or sexually active. To me it’s a pretty sick and twisted game of cat and mouse, except when you are caught you get laid.

The New Girl Of The Group

A friend of mine once said that:

“There is nothing like corrupting an innocent person, it’s such a turn on.”

A few years back I was introduced to a woman named Marie, she was a very short girl and every man she passed suffered from a bad case of strained neck.

You see Marie had a very…very nice, round, and full ass. The picture to you’re right doesn’t do the half globe that was Marie’s ass justice. When the guys and myself met her they where eye humping like there was no tomorrow. Even now I think about why I didn’t do it too, but I like to think it’s because it’s nothing special and there was more to life. That and the fact that I didn’t actually find her attractive helped. She was pretty no doubt but there was something about her that I found…disturbing. Even today I don’t know what it was.

The girls of the group hated her guts, but I honestly think it was a big jealousy issue. Reason being is when Marie was around all the guys stopped what they where doing(except for yours truly). Around our third meeting it seemed that my lack of attention towards her was starting to make her a bit curious. She began direct conversations with me, trying to poke my brain and at the time I saw no harm in being an open book.

The Get Together…

As time passed and my eyes never swayed to start at that incredible ass, I think she found it frustrating. She began acting a bit differently, instead of sitting in chairs she would sit in my lap. Not that it was really strange as many of the girls have done this to me but I found it odd because we didn’t really know each other. The first time she did it I was in the kitchen of my best friend’s house it was pretty much a full house, if you wanted to sit you had to head to the living room which she normally did or simply stood against the wall.

However tonight was a little different. She had a habit of wearing skin tight sweats(she showed off her best asset at all times) and when she went to sit she sat directly on top of my package. I remember my area twitching at initial contact, which she responded by saying “Ooh…sorry”. While she said it I noticed she didn’t move or adjust, I told her it was no big deal and she giggled.

I realize now that she found a hidden pun in my retort. Obviously pleased with my length she tried squirming through all night to find out where my flag was hidden but little did she know I have had plenty of public erections and have learned to hide them well enough. Unfortunately at the end of the night she found it. Her soft bottom moved and squirmed so much that I couldn’t help but stand at attention. In no time at all my shaft was pushing against her left cheek.

“You are very comfortable.” she said.

All while moving to work it so that my shaft was right between her cheeks…she was a cool on alright. She knew exactly what she was doing! She knew I couldn’t just get up and walk away, she knew I would have to let her do what she wanted as long as I was at attention. With one quick movement she tilted to the right allowing my little friend to shoot directly between her ass and she scooted back a bit so that her back met my stomach and she could feel my entire length between her legs.

“That’s much better…” she said smiling this time.

I could feel my face turn red, all I could do was look down at the table and try to be more involved in the conversations we all where having.  Here I am sitting in my best friends kitchen with a woman that I barely know sandwiching my dick between her ass and legs.

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it because I’d be lying, I felt everything! Her ass and even the folds of her more private area all through these thin pants. After a few minutes I could feel my own pulse down there, with every steady beat my member twitched. With every twitch I lost composure, I didn’t just want to have sex with this women. I wanted to sexually destroy her in every way possible. If murder where sex I wanted to commit it in the first degree…

The feelings where so strong it made me dizzy! I fought on multiple occasions the urge to grab those wide hips and grind myself against her. Why the hell was this happening to me!? (To be continued)


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