Nice Guys: Should You Be Promiscuous?

Having sex with a bunch of different women sounds like a dream come true and for many men it is, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Sex is a very important part of life in many ways. It keeps the human race going, it’s great exercise, it connects up deeply to those we love.

However times have changed dramatically. Today sex has become to many individuals a pass time, a hobby, competition,etc. If you have a penis there is a good chance you’ve contemplated whether or not you should free your sexual inhibitions and lead a more promiscuous lifestyle.

In my experience I have juggled this thought in my mind for years and thought I have come close many times to simply saying “Fuck it”. My morale compass has always brought me to deciding against going through with it. It all comes down to whether or not you see it as an important act that will change your life. I have turned down 98% of sexual advances and have been heavily criticized for it by my male peers.

Unlike most guys, My brain doesn’t shut down at the sight of a great pair of breasts and a firm round ass. It actually does the very opposite by bringing up what I like to call “The List”. Allow me to walk you through it.

  • Do you trust this woman: I learned at a very young age the term DTA: Don’t Trust Anybody (Forward to 2:45 in the video). Most of these encounters have been with strangers/co workers and they have done nothing to make me trust them in any way.
  • Could you have children with this women : It’s one thing to be a father(which I will be a great one) but to be a father with a woman you have absolutely zero interest in is a life of misery in my opinion.
  • How many men do you think she has done this to: This one is critical because I would be a complete jack ass to believe this is the very first time any of the women in these encounters decided to be so blunt in their requests.
  • Is she clean:An intuitive guy can spot a dirty female a mile away. Her appearance, mannerisms, etc are dead giveaways.
  • Does she have kids: It may seem screwed up, but the truth is a single mom that is trying to get in your pants is not exactly the type of person that has her priorities in order. Yes everyone deserves love and all but I have my standards and so should you.

All of this runs through my mind in less than 5 seconds, and if the results are not satisfactory sex is pretty much a no go. The truth is I value not only myself, but the person in question and sex itself. Yes I have and will miss out on countless opportunities and it would bother me if sex actually ruled my world.

While it’s true that we only live once. I would have to say I would like to live without as many regrets as possible. I can’t take back STD’s, children, and all the other hazards that come with being a promiscuous man so I simply choose not to.

What you do is ultimately up to you. I can’t say I recommend the life style but if you decide to participate do it as safely as humanly possible. Keep protection with you at ALL times, never be caught without it. Get yourself test after every encounter, it’s one thing to have something but it’s another thing to ruin someone else life because you didn’t know you where infected.


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