Nice Guys: Understanding The Opposite Sex

As a nice guy understanding the opposite sex can be a bit of a task, especially if  you are looking to have any kind of relationship with them. Today we will cover a five things that every guy (especially nice guys) should know when dealing with any woman. So without further delay here is my list of things guys should know about women.

Women Lie Daily:

Guys…you must understand when you first come in contact with a woman you are probably being lied to. It could be anything from their actual personality, to their outward appearance, right down to what they say.

Now you are probably wondering why would they lie?

The truth is women absolutely hate to be viewed in any kind of negative light what so ever. Specifically by the majority. Rather than be their own individual, and not give a rat’s ass what strangers think. They will appear as this perfect woman that gets along with everyone and does everything right.

Never take anything a woman says or does for face value unless you have known them for some time and by some time I mean from childhood. Even then it’s probably not enough…

The Women’s Mind Is Always Changing :

Have you ever heard the saying “Women Are Just Fickle Minded Creatures”? If so then you are ahead of the game by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately for most nice guys this saying’s meaning has not completely sunk in, so allow me (being the nice guy that I am) to speed the process along.

No matter what you think women will, can, and have changed their minds in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, how tough of a choice, or it’s effects!

What does this mean for you? Well simply put it can mean you can be loved today and when you wake up tomorrow she hates your guts. Let’s put it this way… If there was a button that would end the world and she was in charge of it I would suggest that you live everyday as it was your last!

Women Act Based On How They Feel:

Yes it’s true, women lead with emotion and let me tell you it can be both good and bad at the same time. I’ve seen women cheat on their husbands simply because they were mad at them for something insignificant. I’ve seen women go on sex spree’s simply because they felt “naughty“. Hell, I’ve seen women get divorced simply because they felt bored! If you are married or have a girl friend burn this section into you skull.

Some of the stupidest things you can imagine they have done all in the name of feelings. Have you ever asked a woman why they did something and they say “Because I felt like it.”? Trust me it’s not a generic retort guys, and you must always be wary when it comes to dealing with women and their feelings.

Women Will Use You:

This one has always angered women but the truth is a woman will use you if she needs you whether or not she has any kind of interest in you. What does this mean? It means while you think you may be swooning her with flowers, candy, and dinner you really aren’t.

There are women out here that are getting cold hard cash from guys they meet over the internet! Getting treated to dinner from guys in which they have ZERO interest in being with and chances are you have fallen for this.

Don’t get discouraged in later posts I will give you proven methods of avoiding this pitfall in great detail.

Women Are Everywhere:

As a nice guy myself I know how it is to be stuck on one specific woman, in fact I’ve been there and done that. However like the great Tom Leykis says:

Women are like buses. If you miss one, just wait and there will be another one along in a few minutes.” – Tom Leykis

It may seem like a false statement if you are stuck on a certain female currently, but if she is not giving you the time of day start taking your time into consideration because it is very valuable. Never let one single woman take up all that time unless she is really making an effort to move mountains for you.

These five things are something that you must always keep in mind when dealing with women. While these five points don’t cover the entire female population  it most certainly covers the vast majority.

If you have or ever come across what I like to call “The Anomaly” you make sure you don’t take her for granted because that’s literally like finding fifty million dollars in your closet on eviction day.


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